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1.   International Training Centre for Bankers – ITCB (Hungary)

The International Training Center for Bankers (ITCB) was established in 1988 by 28 Hungarian banks, savings co-operatives and the French Training Center for Bankers for the purpose of combining expertise, experience, financial skills and material resources, thereby establishing the first institution of its kind in Eastern Europe. In the past twelve years, ITCB has won major acclaim with training programs and the ability to attract the most qualified professionals from the financial and capital markets sectors. By now, a significant percentage of the activities of the ITCB is related to specialized work, including the monitoring of credit institutions and investment service providers performed on behalf of the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, preparation of analyses, feasibility studies, specialized systems, etc. on behalf of public and private companies.


2.   ABIFormazione (Italy)

ABIFormazione is the training company of the Italian Banking Association.

Its staff is made up of trainers with a multiyear experience in the branch of financial training and in the design and management of advanced training solutions.
By drawing on the services of a highly qualified team of external collaboration, including experts in banking, university professors, financial professionals and leading consultants, we propose our client banks projects of training, updating and orientation on the most important issues in the financial sector.


3.   Romanian Banking Institute – RBI (Romania)

Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) is designed to provide in-service and pre-service training for banks according to their developing needs through three principal channels that represent the essence of the Institute's strategy: vocational training, academic education and professional training through distance learning


4.   National Bank of Slovakia - Institute of Banking Education – IBE (Slovakia)

The Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia was established on 1st September 1991 to act on a non-profit basis. On 1st of February 2003 the Institute became National Bank Headquarters’´ Department. Position, role and main tasks of the Institute are defined in the Organizational Order of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS). The Institute (IBE) is the part (department) of the National Bank of Slovakia. The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) is the independent central bank of the Slovak Republic. The primary objective of the NBS is to maintain price stability. The NBS has nine local offices and employs around 1 200 employees. IBE itself has 20 full-time employees, including Director of the Department and a secretary.


5.   The Bank Association of Slovenia (Slovenia)

The beginning of the Bank Association of Slovenia operation starts in 1956 when the Alliance of Communal Banks was established. In 1965 the communal banks were reorganized into universal banks and correspondingly the Alliance was also reorganized and became the Bank Association of Slovenia. Following the independence of the Republic of Slovenia in 1991, the Association become a permanent member of the International Chambre of Commerce in Paris, joined the European Banking Federation as a correspondent member and established contacts with other banking associations. Pursuant to the law on Commercial Companies, the Association was reorganised in 1994 with acceptance of the Articles of Agreement as an Economic Interest Association. The objectives were set forth and the business activity of the Association and it’s bodies were specified.


6.   Private Foundation Institute of Financial Studies (Spain)

Due to high level of internal training in banks in Spain for lower level training, the Institute is highly specialized on Financial Markets, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Private banking, financial analysis and corporate financial management
Institut d'Estudis Financers is a private foundation created in 1990 as a financial training and diffusion initiative in Barcelona, for a sector undergoing important changes, permanent innovation and the globalisation of its activity.


7.   The Netherlands Institutes for Banking Insurance and Investment - NIBE-SVV (Netherlands)

NIBE-SVV, Netherlands Institute for Banking, Insurance and Investment, is the educational institute for the financial services industry.
We provide the banking, insurance and the stockbroking industry with full-scale education and training courses and examinations for the banking and stockbroking sector.
Our courses and examinations are developed by and in cooperation with professionals with broad practical experience.
You can take or attend both professional courses with us as well as job-related courses and training, from basic level up to and including the highest qualification level.