CERTIFIED  - “Certification & Accreditation System for Financial Services Sector Education and Training” is a transnational project, started in October 2006, being developed in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
It aims at the creation of a new system for the certification based on competences and the accreditation of training programs and Institutes,  in Banking and Financial Services Sector in the EU and in particular in Luxembourg, that is the headquarter of a number of major European Investment Banks.

The project will explore the key segments of the Financial Services Sector - main banking, insurance, investment and capital market - and will provide certificates recognised across all Europe. It will be designed to have a powerful impact on the mobility of employees of the Financial Services System in EU and beyond. It should benefit the quality of service in the market and its competitiveness vis-à-vis other global banking and financial markets.



The EUROPEAN BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES TRAINING ASSOCIATION (EBTN A.s.b.l.) - Project Contractor and Coordinator - is a not for profit Association made up of the leading bank training organisations in Europe. Its Registered Office is located in Luxembourg.

Members are not for profit Associations or Institutions involved in banking and financial services, education and training, and related to the banking and financial services industry. Members can be Full Members (Europe based Associations) or Associate Members (Associations from any country outside Europe).